Final pregnancy post but hopefully not the last…

In my final week of pregnancy and wondering where the time has gone. I can’t believe it’s already June. I miss the days of anticipating summer-now it just sneaks up on me. As I attempt to keep myself busy with tasks around the house (I guess you could say I’m in full nesting mode) my anxiety is building for labor.

Jacob and I have had a pretty detailed birth plan from day one all while keeping in mind that things don’t always go accordingly. Now that we are coming up on the impending day, it’s looking more and more like our plan will have to get scratched. I have wanted to avoid induction and a C-section for the last 39 weeks, but since my body is not giving any signs of going into labor soon, Jacob and I have initiated the topic of induction with our doctor. Since I will be starting a new job mid July, I want as much time with Briggs and for Jacob and me to get acclimated. We both know there is no such thing as getting into a routine with a newborn, but we would like some time to figure this new thing out together. After talking with our doctor, she informed us that induction increases your chance of having a C-section. It definitely made us think a little harder about it, but I think I am still determined to have this baby by the 18th. So unless this little boy decides to surprise us with his arrival before then, Jacob and I will be parents by next Tuesday.

There are so many emotions building but the most present feeling is excitement. I am ready to hold this baby boy that I already love so much. I have been meaning to blog lately but I feel like these last few weeks leading up to delivery have been lacking in events worth writing about. I look forward to posting my labor story and how our first few weeks go with Brigham at home. Stay posted..until next time!

A few pregnancy details:
*39 weeks and ready to have this baby
*total weight gain=30 lbs
*symptoms-lots of weird cramps and pains that could be confused with contractions, waking up a lot in he middle of the night but sleeping pretty well, and severe acid reflux
*last week of pregnancy prep-mani/pedi and spray tan (gotta look cute for those hospital pics)


38 weeks


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