Final pregnancy post but hopefully not the last…

In my final week of pregnancy and wondering where the time has gone. I can’t believe it’s already June. I miss the days of anticipating summer-now it just sneaks up on me. As I attempt to keep myself busy with tasks around the house (I guess you could say I’m in full nesting mode) my anxiety is building for labor.

Jacob and I have had a pretty detailed birth plan from day one all while keeping in mind that things don’t always go accordingly. Now that we are coming up on the impending day, it’s looking more and more like our plan will have to get scratched. I have wanted to avoid induction and a C-section for the last 39 weeks, but since my body is not giving any signs of going into labor soon, Jacob and I have initiated the topic of induction with our doctor. Since I will be starting a new job mid July, I want as much time with Briggs and for Jacob and me to get acclimated. We both know there is no such thing as getting into a routine with a newborn, but we would like some time to figure this new thing out together. After talking with our doctor, she informed us that induction increases your chance of having a C-section. It definitely made us think a little harder about it, but I think I am still determined to have this baby by the 18th. So unless this little boy decides to surprise us with his arrival before then, Jacob and I will be parents by next Tuesday.

There are so many emotions building but the most present feeling is excitement. I am ready to hold this baby boy that I already love so much. I have been meaning to blog lately but I feel like these last few weeks leading up to delivery have been lacking in events worth writing about. I look forward to posting my labor story and how our first few weeks go with Brigham at home. Stay posted..until next time!

A few pregnancy details:
*39 weeks and ready to have this baby
*total weight gain=30 lbs
*symptoms-lots of weird cramps and pains that could be confused with contractions, waking up a lot in he middle of the night but sleeping pretty well, and severe acid reflux
*last week of pregnancy prep-mani/pedi and spray tan (gotta look cute for those hospital pics)


38 weeks


The Month Before D-Day…Meaning Due Date

I think it is safe to say that blogging is not my thing. As much as I wanted to identify myself as a blogger, it is just not happening for me. Who knew that growing a baby was so exhausting and time consuming? The month of April was a busy one for Jacob and me. Between the baby showers, baby classes, and home improvement, I can’t tell you the last time we had a weekend where we got to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I assume this is suppose to forewarn us of our future weekends when Briggs arrives. With the nursery done and practically all of our registry items purchased, I feel as ready as we are going to be for him to make his debut. And by ready, I mean as prepared as any first time mother should feel-anxious, nervous, excited, terrified, emotional, nervous, anxious, did I mention emotional. More on that later. I am extremely appreciative to know so many women in the baby making stage of life right now. It is so comforting knowing I have so many contacts to reach out to if I have any questions or concerns regarding pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor, etc. It is crazy to think I will be one of those knowledgeable mothers in roughly seven weeks. My knowledge will consist of making mistakes and learning as I go. I have read practically every book I can, but in all honestly all it does is confuse me. There are so many different methods and opinions out there on how to raise a child. I simply relish in the fact that most of my friends having babies right now were all raised similarly to me and plan on raising their children the same. My parents and Jacob’s parents did a pretty good job too so it is nice to know they have our back as well. Anyway, on to all the excitement that came with April.

On April 6th, Jacob and I took our Babycare class at the hospital. The first part was a basic CPR training and I am really glad that this was included. The second half was dedicated to bathing techniques, diaper changes, breastfeeding, swaddling, and other basics for newborns. The class was boring at times, but overall worth it to just feel a little more secure in what I pretty much already knew. My only complaint was that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to interact with the other couples and my main reason for signing us up was to meet some other expecting parents that live close to us. I am sorry, but knowing that I am about to be working from home, I want to have lots of mommy/baby play dates to get out of the house. Oh side note, I am starting a new job working from home in July but right now I want to get through this blog focused on baby topics. More on the job in another post (Ha, if I ever get around to it). Anyway, in the socializing department, that class failed. I still recommend signing up for one.

My first baby shower was Sunday April 21st. My mother, cousin Julia, best friend Hayley, Aunt Karyn, and dear family friend Nora, all hosted the fun soiree at Times Ten Cellar in Dallas. My mother really helped pull everything off. She has been amazing since day one. Did I ever tell you guys the story of how scared I was to tell my parents we were expecting? I guess that too is for another post, another day. Anyway, I had such a great turnout and feel so blessed by all the gifts my family received. Brigham is one lucky baby boy! My “mustache bash” theme turned out so darn cute. I will share some images below. I love when my vision for an event gets put into effect. My next shower is this Sunday on Cinco de Mayo. I can’t wait to see what my mother in law, sister in law, and pseudo aunts have put together!

This past Saturday on the 27th, Jacob and I had our Prepared Childbirth class. This is the one I was most looking forward to because it included a tour of the Labor and Delivery hospital. This class was especially boring because it seemed to just involve a slideshow and lecture. Again, not a whole lot of interaction. The teacher was pretty entertaining so I guess it wasn’t all that bad. We did watch two videos of actual labor and I must admit, I was not prepared for that. Maybe there should be a class called Preparing for Prepared Childbirth Class. I must have been absent when this video was shown during health class in school. Jacob says he had seen one before, but I embarrassingly have not and I now know why. I have come to terms of what is going to happen to me and my body during labor, but I will be totally fine not witnessing someone else going through it any time soon. After the videos, we took the hospital tour. I was really impressed with the labor rooms. I plan on requesting one with the jetted tub. I hear a warm bath during early labor is invaluable. Now the post-partum rooms were a different story. Of course, they showed us the largest room first that for only $200 extra a night you can enjoy. The rooms kept getting smaller as we walked around. Looks like I have some sweet talking to Jacob to do. For two nights in the hospital with more space for visitors, etc. I think it would be well worth it.

Overall, this pregnancy has gotten a lot better since my first trimester. My only battles right now are pretty manageable-sleep is so so, I continue to take Zantac and Tums for indigestion, and the leg cramps come and go. I am not experiencing any swelling yet and as far as I am aware I haven’t felt any Braxton Hicks-common minor cramps preparing your body for labor. The only thing I can’t seem to get under control are my emotions. Commercials, TV Shows, sappy facebook posts, baby pictures, you name it and I am shedding a tear over it. I even wrote a letter to Brigham 2 weeks ago when all the bombing and explosion events were taking place, and every time I read it, I end up crying and rubbing my belly. I have always been a pretty sensitive person but I was not ready for this hormonal surge. I hope I can get it together soon because I know my first few weeks after he is born will be rough and a cry every now and then is pretty common. Another thing I wish I had control over was his movement. I have one very crazy little man inside me. He is all over the place. I even emailed my doctor the other day asking how common it is that he has hiccups multiple times daily. I want to love all the kicks and stretches while he is still in there but I can’t help but get annoyed now and then. I know some of my new mom friends will read this and think cherish it while you can, so to that I say, I am trying.

I think this sums up about as much as I can remember since my last post. That is why I need to attempt to do these more frequently. Until next time…

A few pregnancy details:

*weight gain so far-22 lbs

*Brigham weighs 5lbs and is roughly the size of a Pineapple (who knows how accurate that is)

*Next appt. May 10th-after this appt we start going weekly!










Third Trimester already?

This is my eighth post for this bump blog which averages out to about a post a month of my pregnancy which is just pathetic considering I started this in my second trimester. I can’t believe I am already in my third trimester. I let way too much happen since my last post, that I don’t event know where to begin. I will stick to things related to Brigham’s arrival. That’s why I started this in the first place, isn’t it? (FYI that’s me trying to convince myself that this blog is really even entertaining or informative to readers).

Jacob and I are anxiously awaiting our baby boy to grace us with his presence. We’ve been focusing on getting both home and life ready for him. For starters, Jacob and I both traded in our cars to get two practical and safe vehicles. I feel like we got a great deal and we are saving money even though we are taking on a second payment. My poor Jetta was paid for but I was just concerned with how much more life he had in him at nearly 140k miles and multiple dents and dings. My new Cadillac SRX makes for one perfect “mommy mobile”. With both a DVD player and third row seat, I am well on my way to being the ultimate soccer mom. Jacob made out well too with his sexy SAAB sedan. With how many miles he drives to work, he will be cutting back on gas expenses majorly. All the more to spend on our little bundle of joy. Speaking of spending money on the little man; his nursery is nearly finished. I am going to wait until we are completely done to post final pictures. We have three weeks until my first baby shower where we are inviting guests back over to my house to see the nursery, so it gives us a push to really get it done quick.

Another maternity to do we can check off our list is pictures. On Jacob’s birthday, we drove out to Cedar Hill State Park and met with our photographer Erica of FOSC Photography for our session. We could not have asked for better weather. We found lots of great backdrops and she was great about using the inspiration from my Pinterest board to pose us and capture shots I was really wanting. If you are in the market for a portrait session (maternity, newborn, engagement, etc) message me and I will send you her information! I went all out for this day, even getting my hair and makeup done a La Bichette. Pregnancy has made me really lazy about my appearance, so it felt so nice to get all dolled up and feel really confidant again. I would recommend all soon to be mothers make time for a pampering day whether it’s for pictures, a date night, or just because. I seriously felt extremely good about myself. I can’t wait to get the pictures back to post.

Today we had our big 28 week appointment. It started at the LabCorp where I had to drink the sugary liquid for my gestational diabetes testing. It wasn’t nearly as disgusting as I was thinking. I got lucky with an orange flavor. I won’t get the results back until tomorrow, so fingers crossed I pass and don’t have to go back for the 3 hour testing. After that, we saw one of the doctors we have seen before, who is not our regular OB, for our checkup. My only concern was my weight gain since my last appointment. Apparently 24-28 weeks is one of the biggest growth spurts so there really isn’t much to be concerned about but I will definitely be watching it more closely the next few weeks. This was our last time to schedule 4 weeks out. Now we will start seeing Dr. N every 2 weeks. I feel like this is going to make the rest of the pregnancy fly by. Waiting 4 weeks in between to hear his heartbeat felt like decades sometimes. After the check up, we had our second sonogram. I’ve been waiting for this for 10 weeks now. Our last one was the gender reveal and we left the office that day not knowing what the sex of the baby was. Now knowing its our little boy, I couldn’t wait to see him! He was his precious and wiggly self! The tech even surprised us and got a few 3D shots for us. Jacob and I had been contemplating going to one of the special sonogram offices in Dallas to get one because since a lot of insurance companies don’t cover them, most doctors offices don’t provide them. It made my day to have the opportunity to see him both ways. Even though he was being stubborn and keeping his arms across his face, we still left with a pretty decent picture. According to the doctor everything looked perfect and my chance for pre-term labor is slim to none. He is weighing in right around the 64th percentile for 28 weeks. Good thing, because I’ve been feeling like I’m carrying a linebacker lately.

Jacob’s work threw him a little baby shower today and I am really jealous of all the support his co-workers give him. Everyone pitched in and gave him a generous Visa gift card along with a cute diaper cake and the most precious pair of Converse for Briggs. I feel blessed that my husband works for such an awesome company.

April is a big month for us, so lots of exciting things to look forward to. I have 2 baby showers and we have our 2 baby classes which I am actually really excited about. And on a non baby related note, we are going to see Wicked this month. It is coming to Dallas again and even though I saw it twice last time it was in town, I really want Jacob to see it! Such a good husband for letting me drag him to it. Keep an eye out for more posts next month..hopefully. Until next time…

A few pregnancy details:
*weight gain so far-20 lbs yikes!
*cravings-uhh food…actually I’ve been missing beer and wine a lot lately
*Brigham weighs 3 lbs and is about the size of a small cabbage
*Old Navy is my new favorite go to for maternity tanks and tees
*next appt is April 10th

Mommy mobile

Daddy mobile

28 weeks

Camera shy Brigham

Love those shoes!


Jacob’s work baby shower

Let’s catch up

In all fairness, I warned you how bad I would be at keeping up with this blog. A lot has happened in the last 3 weeks, I really don’t know where to start. I am sleepy and watching a Criminal Minds marathon as I try and get this out so hopefully I make it through.

Jacob and I took our last trip before Briggs arrives to New York City 2 weeks ago to visit with one of my best friends from elementary school and her husband. We got there just in time because the day after we arrived over a foot of snow was dumped on the city. It made for a really fun weekend because when I think of New York, I think of Christmas time and it was like the next best thing. We had a few flight issues going but once there we were ready for a good weekend. It was Jacob’s first time there and I love visiting places with him because it makes it feel like my first visit there too. Central park was absolutely beautiful with the snow and I will share some pictures below. I could go into more details about what all we did, but I am afraid I would get carried away and not fill you in on my pregnancy so far. All in all, minus some travel woes, we had a blast with our friends. My last bit about my trip is that I highly recommend getting away for a weekend with your significant other before your due date.

It has been almost a month since I took my last Zofran. These last few weeks have been pretty blissful. My energy level has been pretty good, my appetite is pretty good, and I’m sleeping well for the most part. Just the last two days my indigestion has been coming back but I hadn’t been taking any Zantac so I think I will be able to get it back under control. My doctor told me these next 4 weeks me and baby will have a big growth spurt. I can already tell because I am always hungry and really having to make sure I am not overindulging.

I have been pretty busy at work and it is not slowing down any time. I am noticing I am getting more tired and achy working these events every Saturday. I am only 6 months too so I can only imagine what the next 3 months are going to be like. My baby boy is constantly moving, I even googled the other night if there was such thing as too much movement. All I can imagine is this crazy active baby that is going to keep me very busy. I would love to hear some feedback from other moms or soon to be moms if they experienced an extremely active baby during pregnancy.

His nursery is really coming along. I can’t wait for it to be complete so I can just cross it off the list of things to do before he arrives. I feel like time is just flying by. Seriously, how is tomorrow March already? I am getting anxious for maternity pictures at the end of this month, my showers in April and our baby classes at the hospital in 2 months. I know, I know..I am so on top of things. What can I say, “once a planner, always a planner.” Tomorrow we have our monthly doctors visit so until next time…

A few pregnancy details:
*Brigham is about the size of an eggplant measuring 9 inches and 1.7 lbs
*cravings-twizzlers, eggs, steak, and really missing sushi
*I have gained about 12 lbs
*anxious for our sonogram on march 28th
*loving my Mustela stretch mark cream-worth the extra few dollars

Marie and me in Central Park

Playing in the snow with my boo

Night out in New York City

Central park is stunning with snow

Meg and Clinton’s wedding

My bump at 24 weeks in my first maternity top

Nursery coming along

custom bedding by my mother in law

Practicing with sweet baby Liam

Tapping into our HGTV skills

The last few weeks it’s been all about the nursery. One thing is for sure; Brigham’s nursery is going to be one serious labor of love. Every piece in the space has required hours of online searching or crafting. Most of the crafting is being done by my incredible mother in law. My home has become a gallery for her work. The only thing I can take credit for so far is the amazing deal I found on the crib and painting the dresser/changing table. This weekend is going to be a family affair as both of Jacob’s parents come over to help us paint the walls and hang a few things.

Today we had another appointment with Dr. N. According to her, I am right on track with weight and everything. I was up a total of 7 lbs but I had a lot of layers due to the cold front this morning so I am going to say more like 6. Don’t get me wrong, I know weight gain is good during pregnancy but I just want to make sure I save room for when my appetite really kicks it up a notch and little Briggs is a growing machine. Right now he is approximately 7.5 inches long and 12 oz. my growing boy!

Second trimester has really been a whole different experience from the first 3 months. I am down to one Zofran a day and overall just feeling much better. The doctor said it should continue for the next 4 weeks but that weeks 24-28 tend to slow you back down because of a major growth spurt. I am okay with the fatigue coming back, I just really hope mr. nausea stays far far away.

We are signed up for our Babycare and Prepared Childbirth classes in April. They fill up super quick so I am glad I was able to find a Saturday and Sunday where we can knock it out. Talk of my first baby shower has begun. More details on that later as we are still 3 months out. Jacob and I leave next Wednesday on our baby-moon to New York City. I am super excited for Jacob to experience the big apple and to see some of our good friends! So glad I was able to book this trip before I am no longer able to fly. There will be a fun post when we get back about the trip so stay tuned. Until next time…

A few pregnancy details:
*Brigham is moving all day long but mommy doesn’t mind 🙂 at least not right now
*next appt march 1st and next sonogram march 28th
*craving-still peaches, kiwi, hamburgers, and salted soynuts
*found my maternity and newborn photographer, so excited, spring will be the perfect time for them

Crib from Craigslist

My lime green paint job

Kudos if you can guess the HP references

fabric and paint samples

Brigham Scott Richardson

Owl bookends… A little more HP decor

21 weeks

Gender Reveal

I’ve already failed at my resolution to post once a week. Hopefully the wait is worth it! This was a big weekend in pregnancy land. Jacob and I had our first big ultrasound on Friday and found out the gender of our sweet wittle baby.

Since we decided not to host a gender reveal party, we wanted to make finding out as special as possible. As soon as we arrived at our appointment I made sure everyone in the office knew we did not want to find out the gender at that moment, but rather we wanted it written in a sealed envelope. Yes, sealed so that I didn’t have the urge to cheat at any point in the day. The ultrasound was at our same hospital we are delivering at but with a different doctors office. I really liked the doctor and she was really sweet about our request to wait to know the sex. Even if I was annoying and made certain on more than one occasion that she knew not to tell us the gender at that moment. It was probably one of the coolest moments ever to see this amazing being moving around in my belly. The doctor pointed out all the organs and said everything looked great. It was such a relief to hear considering how sick I’ve been.

When the appointment was finished she handed us the envelope with the pictures from the sonogram. It was so exciting! From there we went to breakfast and then over to Northpark mall. There is a small children’s boutique called Janie and Jack that I’ve been dying to go into so we went to pick out one boys outfit and one girls and ask the sales associate to open the envelope and wrap whichever outfit matched what was written down from the doctor. She was more than happy to help us out. We stepped out of the store and let her get it all done and wrap the card in the box. The suspense was killing us.

Later that evening we had both parents over for dinner to open the outfit with our families. My brother and sister in law weren’t able to make it but we face timed them so they were part of the big reveal. My dad caught it all on camera. The outfit in the box was for a….Boy! Jacob was totally shocked but we are both so excited to welcome a little man into the world in June. It was such a special moment and I’m so glad we were able to celebrate with our loved ones!

The days following were a whirlwind of nursery planning and name deciding. It is so nice to have so much of it all figured out. Once a planner always a planner. I am so excited to get started on decorating. Jacob and I are so blessed his mother is going to be helping us on a lot of the nursery details. She is beyond talented! Can’t wait to share pictures.

Our next appointment with Dr. N is February 1st. Looking forward to talking to her about the next few months and where we are at with everything. Until next time…

A few pregnancy details:
*between 19 and 20 weeks and baby is the size of a mango
*baby measured about 15.2 cm and 9 oz at our appointment
*craving-peaches and Mi Cocina fajita nachos with guacamole…all the time
*i’ve gained about 6 lbs
*baby is moving all over the place-I love that I can finally feel him

Along with this gender reveal post, I am going to announce our sweet baby boy’s name…

Brigham Scott Richardson




Its 2013, y’all!

I’m sure you are all thinking I am already slipping with this blog. I can’t even get myself to post once a week. Since I didn’t make a new years resolution, maybe this will be my new year goal-one post a week should be totally doable.

Jacob and I have already up and gone into full mommy and daddy mode. It started with staying in on New Years Eve. Now granted, I did have to work 3 very demanding weddings that weekend and not being able to toast with champagne makes celebrating that much less appealing, but we figured the night will be different with a baby too so why not start a tradition of staying in a year early! We’ve also checked a bunch of other things off our list-worked on life insurance policies, filled out hospital pre-registration, looked into classes, and narrowed down our baby names and nursery themes. Did I also mention we’ve purchased the crib, pack n play, car seat and stroller? Thanks to some amazing finds that could not be passed up, we’ve knocked out some big purchases. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of stuff to register for!

I have been feeling much better lately. I have only had one sick spell since Christmas morning. Embarrassingly enough, it was at a doctors appointment Wednesday the 2nd. I was at my endocrinologist getting my thyroid check up and hadn’t taken my Zofran for the morning. As I was sitting in the room waiting for the doctor to come back and see me, I started feeling really week. I didn’t quite make it to the ladies room and had to opt for the nearest trash can right in front of the front desk ladies. My bad. Surely they are used to it.

The next day, we had our 16 week check up. I have been so anxious for another appointment to check on baby Richardson and hear the heartbeat. It’s the most amazing sound. We saw a different doctor this time, because Dr. N was out of town and they suggest you meet with all the doctors in the office at some point before delivery. He made me feel very comfortable considering I’m most used to seeing a female doctor. I would have no problem seeing him again throughout this pregnancy. After he measured my uterus and we listened to the Doppler, we made our way to set up the most exciting appointment of them all..our first ultrasound! We finally get to know the gender of our sweet little nugget! We set the appoint for Friday January 18th and it cannot get here soon enough. Jacob and his dad have taken off work, and we plan on having a dinner with both families at our house. My next post may not be until after that appointment because I know I will have lots of exciting things to share, like how we plan on announcing the sex! Until next time…

A few pregnancy details:
*baby is the size of a turnip-5 oz and 5 inches long for lose who don’t know what one looks like because I didn’t
*i have gained a total of 4 pounds
*maternity clothes are expensive-invested in a pair of Paige denim tho
*cravings-celery, eggs, burritos, and sour candies (none at the same time)
*symptoms-less nausea but still on Zofran and less indigestion but still on Zantac

17 week picture

New Years Eve at home with my honey